The Visual Politics Strategic Research Program invites you to the first event of this semester: a public roundtable on 'Visualizing Korea: Critical Moments in History, Society, and Politics' coordinated by Prof Roland Bleiker (UQ), A/Prof David Chapman (UQ), and Dr David Shim of the University of Groningen.

Date, time and place: Friday 20 July, 4.5.30 pm, Room 537 (Building 39A).

About Visual Politics Seminar Series

We run regular seminars, lectures and workshops within the Visual Politics Research Program. They are announced on our Twitter and Facebook sites.

The majority of seminars can be heard on the UQ POLSIS YouTube and SoundCloud channels. If you would like more details, have any questions, or if you would like to present your own work please contact Prof Roland Bleiker at


Semester 2, 2021 Visual Politics Research Program  

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537, Building 39A