Host: United Nations Student Association

When: 20 September, 6-8:30pm

Where: Room s304 Building 24

In 2027 women are infertile. A former activist agrees to help transport a pregnant woman to a sanctuary at sea.

[W]hat Cuarón's film suggests is that despair and disgust would manifest themselves overwhelmingly in tyranny. A mass, irrational longing for punishment would gather; checks and restraints on the political classes' natural tendency towards repression would be removed, and our energy to resist the agencies of the state would be eroded.

- The Guardian

About School Film Series

Since 2012, the School of Political Science and International Studies has run a documentary/film series each semester.

Screenings feature both fictional films and documentaries that address important themes of concern for the study of Political Science and International Studies.

The series is designed as an informal discussion forum about the politics of filmic works in general. Each session will be introduced by a member of the School's teaching team who will also facilitate a post-screening discussion and Q&A.

Anyone at The University of Queensland, whether currently enrolled in School of Political Science and International Studies courses or not, is welcome to attend.

Screening Times

Time: Wednesday - 6:00-8:30pm
Date: see movies below for the dates
Building: 24-s304
Convened by: A/Prof Andrew Phillips

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