About Barcelona Workshop on Cultural Diversity and International Order

In late March Associate Professor Andrew Phillips and Professor Chris Reus-Smit will run a path-breaking interdisciplinary workshop on cultural diversity and international order, hosted by the Social Trends Institute in Barcelona. Understanding how cultural diversity and international order relate is of critical importance today, as Western states struggle with resurgent ethnic-nationalism and challenges to multiculturalism, global power shifts toward rising Asian states, and transnational insurgents justify violence and change in the name of religion. Yet IR scholars still work with understandings of culture fashioned in the 1930s, and specialists on culture in other disciplines seldom address questions of international order. To overcome this situation, the workshop will bring together leading scholars of international order with leading specialists on cultural diversity (drawn from anthropology, history, international law, political theory, and sociology). To foster a conversation across disciplines, the IR scholars have read work by the culture specialists and visa versa, with all participants asked to write papers that reach outside their comfort zones to probe afresh the relationship between cultural diversity and international order. Participants include Michael Barnett, Arnulf Becker Lorca, Ellen Berrey, Maria Birnbaum, Victoria Hui, Andrew Hurrell, John Ikenberry, James Millward, Anne Norton, Ann Swidler,  Ann Towns, and Ayse Zarakol.