Professor Patrick Dunleavy (London School of Economics)

There are increasing expectations that publicly-funded research should have ‘impact’ beyond academia, and yield demonstrable and direct economic, environmental and social benefits. The language of impact has become explicit in research funding applications and reporting mechanisms in the UK and Australia. But what is impact? And how can academic researchers demonstrate impact?

At the same time, the digital era is changing how knowledge is produced, stored, communicated and shared, and facilitating new forms of networking and advocacy. This has opened up a multitude of opportunities for academic researchers to engage, collaborate, and share their work with a broader audience. However, faced with an ever expanding range of digital technologies, tools and forums, it can be difficult for PhD students and both early career and experienced researchers to know where to start. In this session, Patrick will explore the ‘how to’ of navigating the digital landscape to maximise the impact of academic research.

You can listen to the seminar by clicking here

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