Masterclass: Interfaith Dialogue Practices: Exploring Religion, Spirituality, Faith and Belief and their impact in Peace

Fri 6 Mar 2020 2:00pm5:00pm


Building 39A, St Lucia Campus

Presented by Claire Holland (James Cook University) and Perla Padilla (Rotary Peace Fellow).

This Masterclass will provide students with an opportunity to reflect on the role of religion in peace and conflict. The purpose is to increase participants “cultural and religious” awareness which can inform how to better engage with diverse worldviews. This Masterclass focuses on Interfaith Dialogue as a tool to promote understanding between people with different worldviews. Furthermore, it will provide participants with theoretical and practical knowledge of two dialogue methodologies: World Cafe and Reflective Structured Dialogue. During the class, students will participate in a World Cafe facilitated dialogue with components of reflective structured practices.

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