Diverse Pathways into the Academy post-PhD

Tuesday 21st November from 1-3pm

Room 537

Often it seems that there is an ideal linear path through the PhD and into academia. To make this transition successfully, candidates ‘must’ complete quickly, publish extensively, immerse themselves 24/7 in their work and relocate to access postdoctoral opportunities. However, such a narrow pathway seems inaccessible to many women, mature age students, international students and those with substantial caring responsibilities. While acknowledging the difficulties that women and parents in particular face, this panel aims to challenge the official story and show that there are many different ways to build an academic career. Four female academics will talk about how they balanced motherhood and early career development, and we hope that PhD candidates will also talk about their own challenges and strategies.


  • Liz Strakosch
  • Melissa Curley
  • Nicole George
  • Kath Gelber