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An Internship abroad is a valuable asset on the resume for students entering a competitive global job market.  

Is it more advantageous to intern in a fast-paced emerging economy?


 Intern alumni express reasons why it is more advantageous to intern in an emerging economy:

  • Greater responsibilities, bigger impact 
  • Not stepping, but leaping outside of comfort zones 
  • Global awareness and cultural immersion  

To read the full article "Why an Internship abroad in an emerging economy is more beneficial". 

Besides seeing parts of the world you’ve never been to and having an adventure of a lifetime, there is an endless list of benefits when it comes to going abroad to Intern. It is hard to measure the countless skills and advantages students gain from overseas experiences. 

CISaustralia offers internships in ten countries around the globe including China, Spain, England and the USA. Find out more information. 

"Living out of your comfort zone isn't easy but it's where the good stuff happens" 

Brad Dorahy 
Founder and Executive Director




January in Tokyo, Japan

 Limited places! 

Spend 2 or 4 weeks in Japan for part of your summer Uni break. 

2019 Program Dates:

  • Program Dates:  05 January 2019 - 19 January 2019

 Choose to learn or improve your Japanese language skills, or take a course in Japanese Anime and Popular Culture. Experience the famous temples and sites of Tokyo, while immersing yourself at a local university with Japanese students.







JEFF -   In New Jersey Started the Office of International Programs, Study Abroad programs, language programs and established international exchange programs. He was sent to tour Asia to establish international educational exchanges and within ten years working at the College, he established many partnerships and coordinated exchanges for hundreds of students from all over Asia. After establishing over 50 exchange partnerships and travelling throughout Asia extensively, he moved to Tokyo to expand on the business. Since, he has developed programs and support systems for students from all over the world to study in Japan, as well as specialising in study abroad programs, human resources, teacher management and language and exchange programs in Japan and other Asian countries.



Are you interested in becoming an Onsite Program Coordinator?

Or do you have any contacts, business partners or friends that might be? 

Our OPC’s lead programs in countries all over the world, while assisting university staff to design, plan and manage their study tours. Programs will vary between 2-4 weeks and are available on a contractual basis.

Currently we are focused on recruiting Onsite Program Coordinator's for our Customised Faculty Led Programs who have experience in Asia. However, we encourage any suitable candidate with knowledge and experience overseas to apply! 
If this suits you or you can think of someone who is perfect for this role complete an application now! 





UCLA: January 2019 

  • Natalie Gibson - $2000 for January in Los Angeles, USA at UCLA – Griffith University
  • Mengdi Guo - $1000 for January in Los Angeles, USA at UCLA – The University of Queensland
  • Hanif Nugroho - $1000 for January in Los Angeles, USA at UCLA – The University of Queensland

NYIT: January 2019 

  • Lynette Sillitoe – $2000 for January in New York City, USA at NYIT – Griffith University
  • Rachael Sexton - $1000 for January in New York City, USA at NYIT – Griffith University






January Short Term Study Programs 
January in Dunedin, New Zealand
January in Florence, Italy
January in London, England
January in Noumea, New Caledonia
January in Tokyo, Japan

Intern Abroad
Volunteer Abroad
Winter (July) Study Abroad

Application Deadline

3 December
12 November
9 November
19 November 
30 November

3 - 4 months before start
3 months before start date
Varies (approx. April-May)





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