ARC success for Alastair Stark and Nicole George

21 Dec 2020

The School of Political Science and International Relations is delighted to announce that Dr Alastair Stark and Associate Professor Nicole George have both been awarded Discovery Projects from the Australian Research Council for 2021.

Dr Alastair Stark

Dr Alastair Stark (Political Science and International Studies), Prof Jack Corbett (University of Southampton), Prof Heather Lovell (University of Tasmania) and Dr Dennis Grube (University of Cambridge) were awarded $263,000 in funding for their project: 'How do Changes in Institutional Memory Affect Public Policy Processes?' This project will analyse how changes to institutional memory have influenced public services and policies in Australia and the UK. Expected outcomes include best practice recommendations for government - about how to address memory loss to improve public policy - and novel academic findings about how institutional memory influences the character of public service delivery, lesson-learning and long-term reform.

A/Prof Nicole George

Prof Kerry Carrington (lead CI, QUT), Prof Melissa Bull (QUT), Dr Danielle Watson (QUT), A/Prof Nicole George (Political Science and International Studies), and Dr Sara Amin (University of the South Pacific) were awarded $190,064 in funding for their project titled: 'Improving the Policing of Gender Violence in the Global South'. This project, led from QUT, will discover new ways to improve the policing of gender violence by testing unique models of women led policing. Expected outcomes include new evidence to improve the policing of gender violence, enhance victim's experiences, and to reform laws.