Summer Semester 2020/2021 - Introduction to International Relations (POLS1201)

8 October 2020

For the first time, we are offering our Introduction to International Relations (POLS1201) course over the summer semester. The summer cohort is likely to be smaller, which will make it easier to have a more engaged learning experience in these times. 

International relations is one of the most complex and intellectually exciting domains of human social interaction. This course introduces students to the major theoretical perspectives in international relations, providing students with a strong background to allow them to analyze world affairs successfully. The course then considers a range of important historical events, contemporary actors, and challenges in the international system, including the sources of insecurity and war, terrorism, globalization and the international political economy, international institutions, international law, and human rights. 

Dr Juliette Gout will be teaching the course over the summer semester. Interested?  Learn more on why you should enrol in this course by watching the video below – and check out the details on the course here