POLS3801 Internship Testimony - Fiona Hurrey

26 Jun 2019
Fiona Hurrey - Intern for POLS3801

I can’t stress enough how rewarding my internship experience was. By matching me with an organisation specific to my interest areas and identified objectives, UQ helped me to explore a diversity of practical applications for my degree and to delve into a topic that I was intrigued by. I was fortunate to secure my placement at Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council (QAIHC).

In addition to gaining experience in a workplace environment, honing and developing skills, and cultivating knowledge about new topics, my internship introduced me to a group of supportive and inspiring professionals who I remain in contact with. Not only did I have the chance to observe and learn from these mentors over the course of the semester, but they actively encouraged my learning through providing opportunities such as sitting in on meetings and workshops.

The most wonderful thing about my internship was that I was able to produce work that directly promoted positive change within real policies while working towards finishing my degree at the same time! The fulfilment and motivation for my studies and career that this experience has given me is invaluable.

Undertaking an internship through POLS3801 was a highlight of my degree, and is a unique opportunity that I absolutely encourage everyone to take!