Opportunity for undergraduate student to be a representative on the School's Teaching and Learning Committee

12 Feb 2019

The UQ Union and the School of Political Science and International Studies are seeking one (1) undergraduate representative from the School of POLSIS (any discipline) to fill the position as the POLSIS representative on the School’s Learning and Teaching Committee and in the Academic Advocacy Network. Read details below and apply before 1 March 2019.

What is the Academic Advocacy Network?

Examining successes of strong student unions across the globe, particularly in the UK, a strong student-led system of academic representation was identified as a core priority for the UQ Union. We recognise the importance of supporting independent representation in the university in order to lobby effectively for the student body. In 2019, the UQ Union is working to establish an academic network; this network will contain ​one (1) undergraduate ​representative for each Faculty and School. In future years, this network will be rolled out to postgraduates and further expanded to encompass specific study disciplines (Figure 1).

Student representatives in the network would follow the model of governance outlined in Figure 1. School representatives are coordinated by and escalate issues to the Faculty representative. The Faculty level representatives are coordinated by and escalate issues to the UQU Vice President Student Rights (Kaiyin Wu, 2019) who in turn escalates issues to the UQU President. We aim to create a system of representation in which student representatives ​efficiently​ ​identify ​student needs​ ​and ​effectively communicate ​these to university decision makers.

Figure 1: Proposed model of governance and roll out plan

Role of the student Representative for the School of Political Science and International Studies

  • Sit on the POLSIS Teaching and Learning Committee meetings and report on student issues
  • Connect with a POLSIS staff “buddy” (T&L chair - likely) to report on any issues that occur between Teaching & Learning Committee meetings
  • Work with other student representatives in the HASS Faculty and across UQ on overarching student issues
  • Actively create opportunities for students to voice feedback to you (online and/or in person) and raise awareness of the academic network
  • Engage with the relevant Clubs and Societies as a platform for engaging with the wider student cohort
  • At the end of your term, write a short summary of key issues in 2019 in your School/Faculty, achievements and future directions

Key Events/Considerations

  • Student representatives will be required to attend an induction at the UQ Union early in Semester 1 2019 
  • There, students will obtain a formal introduction to the academic advocacy network and will also receive a training handbook, representative polo shirt and have their photo taken for promotional purposes
  • Student representatives are invited to attend a welcome dinner early in Semester 1 2019
  • This is an opportunity for students to get to know their staff counterparts, as well as network with other student reps and UQ Union office bearers
  • Student representatives are invited to attend an awards dinner late Semester 2 2019. This is to thank reps for their work over the year, as well as honour some outstanding student and staff representatives
  • Please be advised this is a voluntary position

Deadlines and Application Process

  • The deadline for applications is Close of Business 1 March 2019
  • The successful candidate will be notified by the School within two weeks of the close of applications
  • To apply, please email your CV and a brief statement explaining your interest in the position to the POLSIS Chair Learning and Teaching, A/Prof Nicole George