A/Prof Sarah Percy joins the Chancellor to discuss 'The Future of Asia'

23 Aug 2018

Australia’s neighbourhood is changing, with shifts in the foundations that have underpinned security and prosperity for decades. There are concerns among US allies that American economic and military influence is in decline as China’s influence grows. This is occurring against a backdrop of a rising India, Japanese rivalry, and Southeast Asian reluctance to follow the leader, with the Asian landscape more crowded and contested than ever before.

Can Asia’s rising giants cohabit peacefully, or will the region face damaging competition and conflict? This is a defining question of our time – and one on which Australia’s future peace and prosperity depends.

Listen to the presentation online. 


Image of Chancellor

Mr Peter N Varghese AO
Chancellor, The Unviersity of Queensland


Image of Nick Bisley

Professor Nick Bisley
Head of Humanities and Social Sciences, La Trobe University


Image of Sarah Percy

Associate Professor Sarah Percy
Deputy Director, Graduate Centre in Governance and International Affairs, The University of Queensland

Image of Tom Switzer

Mr Tom Switzer (Moderator)
Executive Director, The Centre for Independent Studies
Presenter, Between the Lines, ABC Radio National