7 Sep 2017

Free online course ‘MediaWarX: Global Media, War, & Technology’

Enrol now (for free) in 'MediaWarX', an open online course (MOOC), convened by the School’s Dr Sebastian Kaempf. It is self-paced and anyone on this planet can take the course, free of charge, all you need is an internet connection. Starting 10 April 2018. For more info including how to sign up for free, click here.

About ‘MediaWarX’

The experience of war has changed fundamentally – not only for those fighting and reporting, but also for those on the home front. High-tech nations wage wars from a distance using satellite-guided weaponry while non-state military actors, terrorist organizations, and citizen journalists have increasingly added new voices and visual perspectives to the conversation about conflict. The ubiquity of smartphones, internet access, and social media transports the experience and complexity of war directly into our lives. Cyberspace offers greater freedoms and access to information at the same time as we discover a dramatic global rise of cyber espionage, internet censorship, and surveillance. In this course, Dr Kaempf maps this emerging new terrain where violent conflict, information technology, and global media intersect and where the old distinctions between battlefront and home front, between soldier and civilian, between war and entertainment, and between public and private are being redrawn. 

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