A/Prof Matt McDonald Receives Commendation for Teaching Excellence Award

1 Nov 2016

Associate Professor Matt McDonald is a Reader in International Relations in the School of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Queensland. He coordinates the large undergraduate courses, ‘Global Security’ and ‘Australian Foreign Policy’, and the Masters course ‘Foreign Policy, Diplomacy and Statecraft’. He previously coordinated similar courses at the University of New South Wales, and the Universities of Birmingham and Warwick in the UK.  Matt engages, motivates and ultimately develops skills in his students through breaking down the distinction between the classroom and the real world. His approach to student learning involves drawing on contemporary events in world politics; innovative assessment (simulations and policy recommendations) to engage students and develop practical research, communication and negotiation skills; and the use of popular culture, social media and even humour to point to the role of international politics in the everyday lives of students. Students consistently identify his use of humour as among the most memorable and enjoyable components of his courses. His teaching and research interests in security, foreign policy and international relations more broadly are mutually reinforcing. He has published widely, and contributes to public debate through media work.

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