Professor Chris Reus-Smit delivered a lecture as part of the UQ Global Leadership Series

16 Sep 2016

Professor Chris Reus-Smit delivered a lecture on "Cultural Diversity, Shifting Power and the Future of World Order" as part of the UQ Global Leadership Series.


Australia is deeply invested in—and dependent upon—the modern international order. Yet the modern international order is undergoing a profound transformation. Power is shifting: horizontally to non-Western great powers, and vertically to non-state actors, including transnational insurgents whose war-fighting practices are reshaping whole regions. But this transformation is not just about power: it is about culture. Shifting configurations of power are entwined with new articulations of cultural difference. Western states now share the stage with rising powers such as China and India, who bring their own cultural values, practices, and histories. And new forms of transnational non-state violence are being justified in the name of religious extremism.

This lecture explores the challenges to world order posed by new conjunctions of power and cultural diversity, highlights the problems with existing ways of thinking about these challenges, and presents a new framework for understanding, and responding to, these developments.


You can listen to the lecture here